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- Scaling, Plugging & Grit Removal

- Reactivity & Consistency

- Materials, Equipment, Energy & Transportation Costs

- Environmental Problems


- Water & Wastewater Treatment

- Flue Gas Desulfurization

- Caustic Replacement

- Mining

-Construction Uses

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BROMATCO co-developed a revolutionary process for manufacturing hydrated lime slurry from quicklime for use in a variety of industries and municipal water and wastewater systems for treating water, in the pollution control industry for SO2 capture, in the mining industry for treating acid mine waste and in multiple areas of the construction industry.  The process (USPTO patent #7,718,085 & #7,897,062), called Lime-Save, results in a hydrated lime slurry that targets perennial problems such as:

These problems are solved by:

  • Reducing Brookfield viscosity below 900 cps
  • Increasing  Solids Content above 40%
  • Increasing Consistency
  • Increasing Reactivity
  • Hydrated lime slurry from quicklime from Bromatco
Bromatco Slaking Operation

Bromatco Lime Slaking Operation at Power Plant near Phoenix, Arizona

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