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The Lime-Save process can reduce costs in many ways.

Materials Cost Savings

The chemical equation for converting Calcium Oxide (CaO) into hydrate lime is as follows:
                              CaO + H2O ---> Ca(OH)2 + Heat
chemicals                   quicklime + water =     hydrated lime
molecular weights    56    +  18    =         74
% allocation           75.7% +  24.3% =   100%

From this formula, it is obvious that dry hydrated lime users are paying for the water it takes to slake the lime at the same price as the lime itself.  In addition, on average, dry hydrated lime is 15% more expensive than quicklime.  Obviously, dry hydrated lime users can look forward to very substantial materials cost saving by switching to quicklime.

Equipment Cost Saving
Equipment costs can be saved by using lower horsepower pumping and mixing equipment because the viscosity of the hydrated lime slurry is lower.  8" pumps have been replaced by 3" pumps and 35 hp mixing tanks have been replaced by 5 hp mixing tanks.  In addition, the high solids content will allow for smaller holding and mixing tanks to hold the equivalent of  amount of lime slurry with lower solids content.

Energy Costs
In continually mixed tanks, reducing the horsepower of a pump from 35 to 5 can save close to $10,000 in energy costs per tank per year.

Transportation Costs
If hauling of lime slurry is involved, higher solids lime slurry can be hauled for less than lower solids content products because less water is being hauled. The savings is multiplied when longer hauls or more time consuming unloading times are encountered.



Agitated Mixing Tank
12,000 Gallon Agitated Mixing Tank with 5 hp Motor

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