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Water and Wastewater Treatment are ideal applications of the Lime-Save technology for making hydrated lime slurry from quicklime.

Depending on the quantity of lime used in the application, the lime slurry can be manufactured onsite at the ultimate destination or delivered by truckload or tote for smaller users.  For smaller users who have a number of other small users in the area, a centralized plant can make deliveries to a cluster of users thereby spreading costs among all of the users.

The Lime-Save process made its debut at a power plant location in the Phoenix, Arizona area, after the utility had tried almost every other process for lime slurry supply, resulting in hundreds of thousands of dollars of saving while easily meeting peak requirements.  The process improved results in the following ways:

  • Reduced projected quicklime usage by 38%.
  • Low viscosities lowered pumping and mixing costs and eliminated scale buildup in mixing tanks and product delivery lines.
  • High solids content allowed for larger batches of lime slurry to be mixed at one setting and took full advantage of storage tank capacity.
  • Reduced spent lime disposal costs due to lower lime usage.
  • Greatly reduced materials and transportation costs by utilizing the quicklime conversion advantage.
  • Eliminated the need for and maintenance of two large storage silos because each truckload of quicklime was instantly converted to slurry.
  • The batch preparation method allowed for precise control over water and quicklime ratios.

Click the Case Study link to learn more.

Slaking Operation at Power Plant

Slaking Operation for Water Treatment at a Power Plant near Phoenix, Arizona

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